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Resource Library

Here you will find a series of documents intended to help you with your finances. 

Financial Planning

CFP document checklist

Use this checklist to understand the various documents needed to work with a financial planner.  

Expense Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help with budget planning both now and in retirement

Investor Profile

Use this document to help understand both you risk tolerance and capacity as an investor. 


picture of annual historical S&P 500 returns

Annual Market Returns

This chart shows the historical year by year returns for the S&P 500 index.

bear market vs bull market chart

Bull vs. Bear Market

This chart shows the cumulative ups and downs during various market times. 

equity class returns by year chart

Asset Class Returns

This chart shows the year by year returns of various asset classes.

Tax Rates

Tables for current year tax rates, along with phase out and contribution limits.


Education Planning


Current year form used to apply for financial aid.

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