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7th Street Financial 

Welcome to 7th St Financial. We are a financial planning services firm catering to people of all incomes and financial needs.  There are many financial planning firms out there so why should you choose us? Let me give you five reasons why.

1. Specialty areas of expertise


If you are looking for a financial planner find someone who gets you and who understands your life. My experience has given me an expertise with IT workers, entrepreneurs and families with kids getting close to going to college. If you fit into one of these categories I will have gone through some of the things you are experiencing and can be uniquely positioned to help you. 

2. Lower and easy to understand fees


While I believe strongly in the benefits that a financial planner can provide their clients I believe the fee structure traditionally used by financial planners are not in the clients best interest.​ The common practice today is to charge clients 1% of their assets under management. For a client with a $400,000 portfolio this would be $4,000 per year. If the portfolio grows to $800,000 then the client pays $8,000 for what is essentially the same service. Why would you want to do that?

At 7th Street Financial we offer a full array of financial planning services with a fee structure that keeps your fees reasonable whether your portfolio is worth $200,000 or $2,000,000. For those that don't require the full suite of planning services, we offer plans at lower monthly rates so you only pay for what you need.


3. Lower Fee Investments

We believe strongly that the money you save and invest should be maximized for your growth, income and safety needs and not be watered down due to high fees. The majority of investments today are made in mutual funds and ETF's. All of these funds will charge the investor a fee that ranges anywhere from .05 to 2.5 percent with the average being about 1 percent. We will work hard to find investments that meet your needs while targeting a goal of less than .50 percent in fees.

4. Education And Transparency

Your questions and input throughout the process of determining your goals and life needs are critical. In the end we need to make sure you are comfortable with what has been recommended, why it was recommended, how it will help you meet your goals and how much it will cost you. We never want you to feel that we are recommending something for you to do with your finances and not fully know why.

5. More Personal Attention

At most investment firms the goal for a planner is to get a client base of 300 customers. If you consider there is roughly 2000 working hours in a year that leaves about 7 hours per client. At 7th Street, our goal is a base of 50 full service clients. That leaves far more time available for each client to making sure their financial goals are being met. 

6. No Conflict Of Interest

At 7th Street we will not sell you any products. We offer financial advice and will recommend products but won't sell products to you directly. In addition, we have no partnerships with any other organizations that do sell financial products. We receive no commissions, no kickbacks or fees of any kind from any products we recommend for your purchase. If we recommend a product it is truly because we feel it is right for you.

About Me

Jeff Burke, CFP®
CEO, Investment Advisor Representative

Phone: 612-562-9228

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My name is Jeff Burke and I am the founder of 7th Street Financial. When dealing with a client or potential client it is my job to listen and get to know them as people so I can better serve them. Here is your chance to get to know a little more about me.

I decided to enter this specific industry and start this company after hearing stories from people I encountered who had made ill advised financial decisions simply because they weren't armed with the information they needed. I am passionate about personal finances and believe that all people should have access to affordable financial advice. Within the community I work with the local high school's personal finance class on investments, work with high school seniors at their Test Drive event and provide pro bono services to veterans through NAPFA.  


I have been involved in finances since graduating from the University of North Dakota in 1993 with a degree in Accounting. I grew up in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, just like the movie) and stayed in the area for a few years after graduating college and getting my first "real job" in IT working on financial systems. I had my own IT consulting company for awhile and now am on my second stint as an entrepreneur.

I have lived in the Eden Prairie area since 1996 and am now there with my wife and daughter. I like to spend my spare time traveling, hiking, going for bike rides and sampling local breweries. I also am a big college football fan, enjoy going to Twins games, eating BBQ and love to watch my daughter play basketball. 







That's a little bit about me. Now I look forward to getting to know you better while we work to achieve your financial goals whatever they may be.

University of North Dakota, 1993, Accounting

University of Georgia Terry College of Business, 2017, Certificate of Financial Planning

FINRA firm id 289765

FINRA IAR id 6874617

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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